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Six Figure Income
Home Based Business Opportunities From Around The World Plus Candid Opinions On More Than 250 Different Opportunities.
40 Years Of Business Experience To Help You!

Six Figure Income Companies' Information:

"If you're like most people, you've probably considered starting a home-based business yourself. Unfortunately, as you've probably already discovered, it's a "minefield" out there."

"How do you find the real opportunities amongst the thousands of scams, schemes, and ridiculous fly-by-night money games?
Solution: Consider teaming up with us, the publishers of Six-Figure Income Magazine."

"Since 1985, we’ve helped tens of thousands of men and women worldwide build successful home businesses. And we can help you, too.
We provide you with a complete, turn-key system that you simply “plug into” much like a franchise. And our exclusive, copyrighted Internet Marketing System will help you grow your business as big as you want to take it!"

"One thing we won't do: Insult your intelligence with "get-rich-quick" hype. A successful business requires integrity, fortitude, commitment, and a sound business model. This is precisely what SFI provides you with."

"15 other reasons why you will like the SFI system:
It’s made for busy people --as few as 5 hours a week can gradually be parlayed into a full-time income
Does not interfere with your current job, profession, or career --set your own hours
Builds “do-it-once, get-paid-for-a-lifetime” residual-type income
You can build your business with nominal or even no out-of-pocket costs.
No previous business experience needed. Our extensive Internet training program allows you to learn as you earn
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working with one of the industry’s most successful and respected organizations
You’ll grow your home business on a rock-solid base, built on over 15 years of proven strategies and street smarts
Accounting, payroll, shipping all handled for you
No employees necessary
Work totally from home, from your computer.
Free professional consultation
No ceiling on what you can earn
Huge potential tax benefits
No territorial restrictions
Also perfect for creating an extra income stream for your existing business."

 Gery Carson, president of Carson Services, Inc. founded the SFI Marketing Group in 1998 and launched "Six Figure Income", a magazine devoted exclusively to profiling the most successful home businesses in the world and the men and women behind them.. They write, publish and sell informational products and services for home-based businesses and network marketers. The company's products focus on five main areas: finance, business, health, self improvment, and family. SFI states they have over 400 products ranging from nutrional supplements and all-natural cleaning products to long distance services and website domain registration. These goods and services are sold through a network marketing structure exclusively over the internet. Affiliates may sign up at no cost to market products on a commission basis. Overides can also be earned. Carson also authored the book, "The Home Business Revolution's Greatest Entrepreneurs" and "The World's Greatest Home Based Business".

Multi-level marketing was the biggest growth industry in the 1980's. It is the industry that has made corporate giants of Amway, Shaklee, Mary Kay and Herbalife. It has been termed as the last true rags-to-riches opportunity left in North America, and its ability to bring enormous incomes to almost anyone is legend. But there are problems.

Less than 100 out of 30,000 MLM companie's that have ever existed have lasted more than five years. 98% of network marketing companies will not last five years. They will be out of business. If you join one of those companies that does go out of business, your hard work will go down the drain. Only about 5% of the people who work this business will earn incomes of $5,000 or more per month.

Network Marketing companies can produce millionaires, but the odds are almost the same as winning the lottery.   A lot of things can happen along the way that can ruin your dream. If you want a home based business that will put the odds in your favor without the hassles of buying product every month, training others, recruiting others, and worrying whether your company will stay in business, than you need to look at "Get Rich by Helping Others," The Ultimate Money Machine. You could achieve Millionaire status within a few short years. You won't need to recruit, sell, train anyone, while you build a sizable six figure income every year. Just click on the Eagle on the top left of the screen to  about this cookie cutter type of business.

After 26 months of testing, research and development I have discovered the easiest way you can potentially Get Rich ever. My new program will show you how to set up the easiest Home Business ever available. This program is like having your very own ATM machine that can generate cash for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click Here to .

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