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Joe Polish
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Offline Personalities

Joe Polish is the President of Piranha Marketing, Inc. in Tempe, Arizona. This marketing company helps people to adopt specific marketing techniques for increasing sales and profits from businesses. Joe has been using these techniques successfully to help various entrepreneurs for the past ten years. Many businesspersons have been able to add to their profits through such systematic sales techniques. His company has around four thousand members from all over the world.

Joe Polish started with modest beginnings. He advised carpet cleaners on how to meet and win over competition in their respective industry. This advice helped them to turn their small businesses into huge profit making concerns. Today Joe ranks among the top reigning champions of marketing industry. He has also made his place in Business Hall of Fame within his thirties. He commands utmost respect in the industry and people follow and trust his advices implicitly. Many people refer to Joe’s office as action central.

Joe Polish conducts regular seminars and boot camps. People are more than willing to pay huge amounts such as $5,000 for attending a single day of his seminars. His audience includes well-known entrepreneurs and the top niche of advertising and marketing world. Joe gives practical advices, which are sure to bring in fantastic results. Hence, people trust his solutions largely. Many important personalities like infomercial giant Joe Sugarman, famous and legendary copywriters John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, and Gary Halbert, renowned business authors Mark Victor and Robert Allen are regular visitors to Joe’s office. Renowned publishers like Nightingale Conant and Boardroom, Inc. count on Joe’s marketing advices.

Joe Polish regularly appears in many television news shows like ABC's 20/20 and famous magazines like Mentor. Joe conducts a series of interviews-Genius Network featuring superb personalities of advertising and marketing worlds. He weeds out excellent geniuses of moneymaking techniques and people with extraordinary skills and abilities. People who reap huge profits through small ads, sell their products at higher prices than their competitors, or use management secrets or organizational techniques to develop their businesses are a sure hit with Joe on his interviews. He records intense and analytical interviews and offers it to his members to use as guidance tools. Joe is constantly on the move-meeting clients, giving seminars and advising others on various business issues.

Joe Polish is the author of an excellent book-Body for Life. He conducts three different coaching programs. Cost of these programs range from $3,564 to around $12,000. Although costs of these programs are steep, they yield benefits, which surpass such costs by huge margins. Joe success yields benefits for him and for thousands of others. Many people follow his success paths to reap profits and huge successes in their businesses.

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